The Manifestations of Ghost Tree December 4th, 2007

Ghost Tree is a place that has its own memory. Powerful energy from land, water, and spirit all meet here.

The waves and land have a power all to their own. Humans have felt the power of this place for centuries.

Unnatural forms in this wave. Homer Hernard catches a wave to remember.

When Ghost Tree started to scream, it was sight that left you in awe. The ocean was furious this day.

Nothing can prepare you for what the waves were like. Life and death situations occurred on a regular basis.

You were not safe on a ski, or to even consider riding one of these waves.

Things happened this day that were literally ground-shaking. These waves registered on the Richter scale.

This poor soul got swallowed whole by this beast. Full-sequence available by request.

An unfortunate victim could walk right into a ghoulish moment, where they would have held on for life.

Literally falling through a stick trap-door, Ghost Tree will haunt you like no other wave can.

Your author and photog WK barely alive from exhaustion.

Craig Spjut from Humboldt holding on for dear life. Who knows what happened.

Shane Desmond man-handles a mutant beast like hes immortal.

If these arent the most amazing surf photos you have ever seen, email me here....


Chuck Patterson stair casing it.

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