Road closed due to high surf.



It was bigger than anyone had ever seen. I've seen it big, but a few sets were off the scale.

The waves got big overnight, and in the middle of the night the windows in my house started rattling from the waves. I knew it was going to be big. On my way to Ghost tree, there were 100 pound boulders in the middle of the street, along with misc. jetsam and flotsam.

When I got to Ghost Tree, the wind had died a little and there were a few totally crazy tow-teams waiting to post up. It was beyond big, and these guys were weighing the options.

It was so big and nasty, everyone was hesitating to be the first to ride a wave. It was unfriendly.

Tyler Smith stepped up, and got really close to getting swatted down. This wave brushed him too many times to be comfortable. If the wave broke any harder, Tyler might not be with us today.

I dont know how Tyler Smith made this wave, but I'm glad he did. It was life or death, for sure.

How big is this wave? Who knows, but if someone was riding it, it may be the biggest wave ever ridden. Use the bird flying above the wave for size reference.

Shane Desmond catches one of the bigger ones of the day, and then wisely opts out.

How big is this wave? Let the judges of the 2008 XXL Global Awards decide. Shane Desmond folks.

Tyler Smith was surfing with a vengeance, and he needed every bit of aggression to make the waves he rode.

Someone went down... and after the tow-teams witnessed this one everyone packed up and left.

Tyler Smith again, catching a really big one, turning and speeding to the shoulder.

The 80 foot wave. Or bigger? Who knows. If you look to the left corner, thats where the 60-70 footers usually break. How big do you think this outside wave is? I think 80 feet might be conservative..... but who knows?

Wayne and Justin paddle Jagged Point  SAME DAY...JANUARY 5, 2008

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