A White Shark tears apart a seal...Monterey California Feb. 25, 2007


A surfer peers to the outside... and can't believe his eyes.

In the morning, storm waves broke way outside this normally docile coastline. There were many surfers out hoping to catch a good wave.

Seal takes hit after hit

Someone said... "look at that!" About 500 yards outside the surf break, a seal was getting hit from the left, then to the right, and getting tossed around by an entity. This happened for about 3-4 minutes. People began to line up and watch.

shark dunks seal

Then the Shark began hitting the seal downward, and one spectator said they saw the sharks head come all the way out of the water, but I did not see that or capture it on my camera. It was a very sporadic event that was hard to shoot pictures of.

This was the best shot I got of the actual shark. Like I said, it was pretty far away, and it was real hard to shoot because it was happening so fast.  I wasn't the only one taking pictures, and there was someone with a video camera also. Maybe someone else got better photos of the incident.

keep going buddy!

There were people surfing while this was happening. Would you be comfortable in the water with a shark attack a near 500 yards away???

This guy better take his crab-grab to the beach.

I took this shot of a crow right after, and he looked right into my eyes like crows do. Have you ever gotten that eerie stare from a crow? Maybe I was just freaked out by the shark attack.