different angle of da canvas

  photos by DWEST

Wayne Kelly before missile launch

Another day of deep tubes....


How long were these barrels? Lets put it this way. All the way from your far right on the beach to the far left.



 Deepest barrel you have ever seen? That is for you to decide.  "To make a barrel this deep, you need to go into it with alot of speed. If you can start out low at first, then go in low. Most people dont make it  when they do that, including myself. To make the deep ones you almost have to get real low in the flat-bottom at some point, but dont stop weaving. Deep tuberides you may even need to ride straight toward the lip to make it, and then you know you are dealing with a real wave."


YOU NO LIKE DA DRILL THROUGH DA WHITEWATAH? Keep scrolling there PickyPants.

another AMAZINGLY DEEP BARREL..... Take 2    Another one? 

How did he make another one this deep?  Wayne is among the best tube riders anywhere.


iF The photographer missed the first half of this barrel.... how long was this wave anyway?


Squeekin out the end, Wayne makes a wave that even the most skilled surfers dream about.

Mission accomplished.


 Wayne is riding A 6'4"6-CHANNEL BYRNE/SURFTECH


Double grab/180 ollie-oop air.


Mr. Wayne Kelly, folks.

                                biggah rain pit