WK fotos by SUNNY

 MAGI-CALI California produces perfect surf

January 2008... photos by SUNNY

foto by WK

Afternoon perfection was not limited to the surf..... the weather was incredible as well.

The water almost looks tropical.... but far from it. Try 50 degrees F.

This one of my new favorite shots. Thanks for shooting photos SUNNY@!

Yeah... the photos make it look better than it was.... but it was still magical.

Duck it and tuck it.... there were plenty of donuts to pull into.

 Clean powerful turns is what power surfing is all about.

shot 2

Halfway through the turn... notice a low center of gravity and grab-rail leverage.

photo 3... completed... but last shot was boring!

sometimes its fun to get your fins out... even if it takes a little pop.

I love snap-stalls into the tube. They can really flow well with the wave.

Sometimes you have to whip out the power-drill make the hole....

I really like this shot.... good job shooting SUNNY!

photo by Craig

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